Cash Management

Cash Management services are products that can enhance our commercial customers' profitability. If you are interested in any of our cash management services, please call Customer Service at (229) 903-1400.

ACH Origination (Automated Clearing House)

ACH Origination allows you to initiate ACH credits for employee direct deposit, for payments to vendors, or ACH debits for payment collection or cash concentration.

Internet Banking

See your account balance and activity; print an image of a paid check or previous account statement; export account history to facilitate account reconciliation; transfer funds between accounts.

Remote Deposit

Don't have time or the staff to get to the bank to make a deposit? Have offices located in other cities or too far from the bank? We can help. Let us save you time and money without even leaving your office. Flint Community Bank offers our commercial customers an electronic deposit option...remote deposits.

With "Remote Deposit" you scan checks and transmit the images to Flint Community Bank for posting and clearing. It's as simple as a scan and a click of the mouse.

For more information about "Remote Deposit" services for commercial customers, call Flint Community Bank. It's how you'd rather bank!

Micki Jones

Vice President / Customer Service Manager

Online Banking